Welcome to WALX

WALX is an exciting concept providing the opportunity for people of all levels to enjoy walking for health, fitness and fun!

You don’t need to be a member and if you want to experience one of our WALX, you can book one of our Open WALX. Simply register for free on our Exercise Anywhere booking portal to get a taste of what WALX is all about.

For regular WALX, we provide a choice of simple, convenient ways for you to pay that offer great value for money. Depending on how often you want to enjoy WALX activities you can choose between “Pay as you Go” or for unbelievable value, you can register for our Monthly Payment, that will include all our regular WALX throughout the month*

As part of your registration, we will ask a few health-related questions but that’s just so we can make sure the activity is the right level for you.

Remember once you have entered the world of WALX the possibilities are endless, so take your first step and join today.

Pay as you Go

Register for free for a flexible way of booking any Open WALX or Taster session.

You can also ‘opt in’ to receive regular newsletters, information about the world of WALX and any offers from our webstore.

*Most of the WALX are included in the monthly fee but some of the WALX may require additional payment to the monthly fee, if there is a specific cost e.g food, entrance cost to a property, transport, etc. If there is a charge, it will be displayed on the WALX description.


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