Excellent tuition and what a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air with a lovely bunch of people.

— Liz

Excellent form of exercise that would suit most people and their abilities! Enjoyable courses taught by professional friendly instructors. Puts the joy back into walking, even when slightly unfit. Would highly recommend a Taster Course and then you’ll be hooked just like I have been! 👍🏻

— Heather

Great to be back after 4 months off following spinal surgery in January. Highly recommend Nordic Walking for anyone wanting to get back on the road to recovery (or in general for increasing fitness levels). Using poles helps with both balance and walking distance. Today's group finished with some Tai Chi movement lead by the lovely Nicole. Perfect start to the weekend 🐞

— Alison

I have just had the most amazing weekend in the French Alps, nordic WALX. Nicole is just the best host, so caring, going over and above what was expected, a beautiful chalet in a gorgeous valley. well organised and safe walks, and new experiences for most of our small group. would definitely recommend booking this.

— Lesley

Just returned from a Nordic walking holiday experience in the alps. Fantastic views and walks in the mountains by day, then fabulous home-cooked meals in the lodge of an evening. Nicole is an amazing host and great cook - a well organised trip and would highly recommend

— Emma Turley

Nicole and Lesley are very knowledgeable and passionate about Nordic walking, I would highly recommend them to everyone xx

— Lorna Ford

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 learning sessions of Nordic Walking with Nicole who is a great teacher and look forward to walking with her group in this beautiful area

— Nathalie Tonsbeek

Lovely start to the day with a Nordic Walking taster session with Nicole. She gave us a fun and easy to follow introduction to handling and walking with the poles, and left us wanting to move on to learning the technique properly. We were a very mixed ability group but could all see how Nordic Walking would benefit us. Thank you

— Stella

Brilliant Nordic Walking in Hythe this morning. Nicole gave clear and perfectly paced instruction for us slow and gentle beginners. Looking forward to more walks. Thank you

— Karalyne

Thank you for the free Nordic Walking taster session in Hythe this morning. Nicole gave everyone clear instruction. Now I'm looking forward to the learn to Nordic Walk course.

— Vicky

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