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WALX Coastal Downs is based on the beautiful South East coast, running from Deal along to the Romney Marshes. We have access to huge swathes of space allowing us to follow the seashore, the Royal Military Canal,  the Canterbury area and surrounding Kent Downs.

WALX Coastal Downs offers the opportunity of getting fit, making friends, having fun – all without having to endure the confines of a gym or health club. We offer a huge range of environments in which to enjoy the fantastic benefits of WALX including our beautiful seashore, the historic Royal Military Canal & the fabulous hills that surround this stunning corner of England. We meet for our walks within the locality – unless we are having one of our awaydays – and always ensure that parking is plentiful & cheap if not free, there’s a café or pub to quench your thirst at the finishing point, and there’s always plenty of opportunities to have a natter, both whilst walking as well as relaxing afterwards over a cup of tea or coffee. Oh yes, did I say that not only does this give an excellent body workout getting us fit, but it’s also a whole lot of fun – WHO  KNEW!! This is why people get involved, stay involved, & get their friends involved. Nearly every “meeting” is different – different location, different views, new members. This is one of the fastest-growing fitness movements (no pun intended!) in the UK today, and is open to all ages & all fitness levels. We also offer well-being WALX for those looking to build up to longer walks and those who may have health concerns.

WALX Coastal Downs was set up by Paul Meechan & Nicole Pitt-Williams, not only a husband & wife but also, & possibly, more importantly, Professional qualified WALX masters. Nicole is very involved in the well-being aspect of our WALX offering WALX Tia Chi and WALX Smovey’s  We also run WALX at our Alpine Chalet 1819, based in the French Alps, offering an equally stunning environment in which to get fit & have fun!

Nicole Pitt-Williams

I’m the senior WALX master instructor and the owner of WALX Coast Downs, and I love the fact that anyone can enjoy WALX outdoor fitness whatever their age or fitness level. For me, the fact that  WALX is about a person’s wellbeing, as well as exercise, is the most exciting element of WALX. To be able to socialise and make friends with others while exercising. I’m so passionate about WALX, I decided to become a WALX master instructor My love of WALX outdoor fitness was so infectious that my husband Paul has also taken up WALX; he’s also a WALX Master instructor.

Lesley Richardson

I am happily retired and love being outdoors. Wanting to improve my fitness I was looking for a different exercise to try, when I found WALX Nordic Walking, now I am hooked!  To share my passion for it with others, I trained to be an instructor and I can now run learn to Nordic WALX classes, with WALX Coastal Downs, based in Hythe and Canterbury, I love to see others to enjoy not just the great form of exercise, but the wonderful social side of our WALX too


Paul Meechan

Paul has run professional services companies for many years, & as this was a pretty sedentary existence, had various health club memberships. He & his wife now split their time between the South Coast & the French Alps, and Nordic WALX fits in perfectly with their lifestyle, giving the opportunity to get fit in some of the most wonderful surroundings there are. A set of poles – appropriate clothing – comfy footwear – fabulous English countryside or stunning Alpine vistas – not available in any health club near you!

I am a gregarious person by nature, & have loved meeting new people, making friends, getting fit, & helping others do the same – all washed down with a huge dose of fun. We meet people from all walks of life; all age groups; all levels of fitness – with the one thing that we can all agree on is that  WALX is an absolutely brilliant way of enjoying life, getting fit, making friends & having fun.


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